Good News Daily

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am completely nauseated with what is going on in the world now-a-days. Every time I check my Facebook, turn on the news or even open up my internet browser it’s nothing but negative news. Like Ellen DeGeneres said, there is more good in the world then there is bad. And I believe that to be true, we just never hear about it.

Wouldn’t you rather open up your social media page and hear about how someone saved a child from drowning? And they SURVIVED? Wouldn’t it be amazing, instead of making out cops to be bad guys, we could hear about all the stories of the good they do for us, everyday. When they leave their families at home, risking their lives, never knowing if they will get to go back home to see them again. Instead they are out here fighting for the people who are name calling them and destroying their reputations. Wouldn’t it be amazing to turn on the news or open up social media and not hear news reporters, celebrities or even half of our friends bashing the leader of this country? The man we are supposed to respect because, hey guess what! HE’S OUR PRESIDENT. Even if we don’t like his decisions, we can respect him for trying. My guess is it’s not an easy job, and the ones who complain wouldn’t be doing half as well as he is. My final thoughts on that; If you hate him enough to bitch about him 24/7, LEAVE THE COUNTRY. And good luck finding a better place to live. (That’s all I will ever say about politics).

The kind of life I want for myself, this world and my son is a positive one. I want to make sure he does good. But isn’t it impossible when all this world does is focus on the bad? I feel like Lorelei Gilmore in the scene where she wishes there could be a news paper called ‘The Good News Daily’. ( I’m with ya Lor! Preach! Because I can’t tell you how often I go to bed with a knot in my stomach from what I had just read on the news. From animals being tortured, too kids being neglected, car accidents, shootings, etc. Enough is enough. I don’t want to be in denial about what is going on in the world by any means, but I would love for the good to out way the bad. And it does, we just never get to see it. Someone please invent this great news paper, I will gladly be apart of staff / co-owner of the operation. I mean it was my idea. Okay it was Lorelei Gilmore’s idea, we’ll give her some credit to.

Okay I just googled it. There are a few websites that have this stuff already, shit. But that’s okay. If you need positivity in your life, follow the links’ below or turn on Ellen DeGeneres.

Please, leave comments on your thoughts and opinions about this subject. Feel free to reach out and message me under “Contact” above. I love to chat and learn.

Cheers, Nicole.

2 thoughts on “Good News Daily

  1. jillthedrill says:

    It’s easy to point out the bad in the world, it takes a different perspective on the world to find the good stuff. People wouldn’t spend money to buy good stories. Maybe it makes them feel better to read about other people’s disasterous lives and be glad that their own lives are mediocre?

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    • NICOLE says:

      This is true! It takes a different kind of person to truly want to see the good in the world instead of the bad. And that may be exactly what people are doing, wanting to feel better about their own lives. There is always someone who has it worse. The world would be a much better place if people would pay to read the good and hear about the good instead of the bad just so they know their lives aren’t that bad. Thanks for your thoughts!

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