The word four never meant too much to me until this year; Four weddings. Four weeks. Four beautiful Brides. Four handsome Grooms. Four wedding gifts. Four babysitters. Four days of drinking. Four days of dressing up. Four days of happiness.

I can’t make this shit up. We attended four weddings in four weeks (I was in two and Drew was in three) from the very end of September to the end of October. In between all these weddings was my son’s first birthday and his first birthday party, a ton (I mean A TON) of Halloween shindigs we attended with our little man, Drew’s parents were in from out of town for 10 days staying with us, add in two full time jobs and a full time crazy baby and you could say we had a busy October. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting about each and every one of these wild things.

September 30, 2017.
Two of my closest friends, Mike and Sadie, tied the knot. Drew and I were lucky enough to be apart of their special day. I was a Bridesmaid and Drew got to be the officiant. He did amazing.

sadie and mike

Sadie & Mike

I’ve known Sadie since we were in 6th grade and we became instant friends. Too come this far and still be friends is truly a rare thing. I got to watch these two from start to finish. I was there when they met and first started dating. I was there when Sadie was trying to convince herself, and me, that she didn’t want a boyfriend. Fast forward 4 and a half years later they’re married. Good one, Sadie.


Too explain this wedding in one word would be easy; chill. This was the most laid back wedding I’ve ever been apart of or even attended. It was so Sadie and Mike. The definition of them is laid back and I wouldn’t have expected their wedding to be any different. It was in a beautiful horse barn, just outside of small town Knoxville. Gorgeous lights hung from the ceiling, and the smell of spaghetti and lasagna filled the room. People everywhere ready to celebrate the love these two share.


Officiant Drew

The reception was even better. BYOB of course but they also provided beer as well. The food was amazing and the cake was delicious. The best part of the night of course was dancing. They had anything from country to rock and then hippie to rap. A little bit of everything.

Drew and I ended the night with shoving our faces full of McDonald’s. Classic.

Too add to this beautiful day; Guess who got engaged? That’s right, my best friend (and MOH) Megan! She surprised me at the wedding by showing off that beautiful diamond, perfectly placed on her left hand finger. He asked her to be his wife out on the cliffs (by the lake) during their family pictures. (Insert AWWW here)


Tanya, Megan & Nicole

I’m so incredibly happy for her and I can’t wait to celebrate her big day next year. Too think we are getting married within months of each other is so exciting (and so scary for my bank account). I couldn’t be happier for Megan and Jason. Picture or it didn’t happen, right?

Bring on the planning, Bachelorette Party (strippers, yes?) and so much smiles and happiness for this beautiful couple!



October 6, 2017.
Two of Drew and I’s best friends, Ethan and Mallory, got married in front of everyone they love. We can’t say it enough how incredibly blessed and thankful we were to be apart of this gorgeous wedding. Drew acted as Best Man (and killed it) and I was apart of

bride and groom

Bart & Mal

her Bride Tribe as a Bridesmaid. The wedding ceremony was located at the Bride’s beautiful Catholic Church in Fort Dodge (Sacred Heart) and the reception to follow was at the Best Western Star-Lite hotel, also in Fort Dodge.

Even though outside was rainy and gross, this day couldn’t have been more perfect. They didn’t let a little rain, “rain” on their special day. We started out by having Mimosa’s at the Bride’s parents house and watched as Mallory transformed from a cute girl, too a beautiful young woman who was about to embark on an amazing journey. She truly was the most beautiful person in the room. Stunning. As we were all getting ready, we played some classic old rap music too get rid of her nerves (and ours) and enjoyed the last few hours of her single-hood. Soon, the groom would be here for their first look.

Too describe this wedding in one word would be a little bit more difficult, but if I had too I would say this would be the word to do it; wow. It’s a simple word with so much meaning behind it. Wow because we were running late on pictures. Wow because it was

ethan and drew

Bart & Drew

pouring outside and we all were bound to get soaked. Wow because people started arriving at the church while the Bride and Groom were still taking pictures. Wow because the whole wedding party was ‘hangry’ and about to croak from starvation. Wow because somehow with all this chaos, it was still the most perfect wedding and reception you could ever attend. We were quick on pictures, they provided us with umbrellas (and beer), people started arriving and Barb the wedding planner was on it to kick them right out so they could finish the pictures, the family provided sandwiches in the basement for us to eat before the ceremony; seriously just, wow.

After the ceremony we all were quick to jump on the party bus and turn up the jams and

mal and nicole

Mal & Nicole

start drinking. It was about a 20-30 minute drive around dirty-dodge before we headed to the reception for our grand entrance. We danced down the aisle to a classic Michael Jackson song, and we all killed it, if I do say so myself. The room was so beautiful. Candles and flowers everywhere. People from wall to wall. The smell of prime rib filling the air and making all of our mouths water. Did I mention how perfect this wedding was? Too add on top of this already magical evening, they provided an open bar for all their guests and PIZZA around 11. Wow.

Drew and I ended the night by walking a few feet back to our hotel room and stuffing our faces with the snacks we had left over from the night before and the pizza we stole from the reception. Sorry not sorry. Also, we stuff our faces a lot if you didn’t already realize that.

ty ethan drewwedding party.jpg


October 14, 2017.
This is the wedding that Drew and I got to sit back, relax and watch it all unfold. My work BFF, Anna and her now hubby Josh got married. And. It. Was. Beautiful. They had

anna and josh

Anna & Josh

the most beautiful colors; navy blue, blush pink and gold. The Bride was wearing a stunning lace, mermaid gown and looked absolutely flawless. The wedding ceremony and reception were located at the same venue, The Gatherings, in Nevada. It was a small but gorgeous venue. It was very unique.

Again, another wedding where the weather was crap but that didn’t stop it from being a magical evening. How would I describe this wedding in one word? Simple, rustic. As soon as I walked in the door until I walked out everything just seemed so rustic and beautiful; from the decorations to the whole building itself and the way things were set up. I wasn’t surprised at all because that is the vibe I get when I walk into Anna and Josh’s apartment. They have it beautifully decorated and it has that rustic vibe to it.

After the ceremony was over, everyone quickly headed over to the bar area, where there were snacks (pop corn, chex mix, M&M’s, and cheese balls) and a cash bar. The room quickly began to smell like fresh rolls, bacon-wrapped chicken, potatoes and green beans. How rustic is that meal? And how Iowan is that?

Unfortunately, Drew and I didn’t get to stay very long. We left shortly after the dancing began (sad because that is our favorite part). I had a personal emergency come up and we had Oliver’s birthday party the next morning to set up and get ready for. I was so upset to leave early because I wanted to celebrate and talk with the Bride more but I’m happy I was there to witness them get married and enjoy the delicious meal they put together for everyone.

Drew and I ended the night by heading back home, and stopping at B-Bops for Burgers and Fries. Classic Drew and Nicole.

October 21, 2017.
One of Drew’s closest friends since he was a young kid, Adam, got married too his beautiful, now wife, Blair. Drew was a groomsman in the wedding and I sat back, relaxed

FullSizeRender (1)

Adam, Blair & Oliver

and got to witness yet another incredibly beautiful wedding. The wedding ceremony was located at the groom’s church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the reception was held at the Fort Dodge Opera House.

The weather was a lot better this weekend, it didn’t start raining until well into the reception. That didn’t bother anyone since we were all inside and having a great time. I can only tell this from my perspective since I wasn’t apart of the wedding party but the day started off great. We woke up in our hotel room and went downstairs for breakfast. Drew left soon after to go get ready and take pictures. The wedding ceremony was early and started at 2 pm. While Drew was off doing wedding stuff, I went down to the


Kristin, Troy & Oliver

pool area with my future in-laws and son and sat in the hot tub and went swimming in the pool. I love hotels! And now so does my son. After an hour or so spent down there we went back upstairs to take a nap before we started getting ready for the ceremony.

You know I need to describe this wedding to you in one word. I’m running out of words, guys. Okay here it goes. The one word I would use to describe this wedding is; vintage. For some reason this is the feeling I got from this wedding and I loved it. The reception hall we were at felt so old school and vintage, it felt so right for this couple.

The reception began at 5 and the room was packed. The air was filled with the smell of roast beef and booze. A lot of it. After eating we danced the night away. I got a few

FullSizeRender (2)

Drew, Oliver & Nicole

dances in with Oliver before it was his time to leave for the


Drew & Nicole

night. After that we continued dancing and drinking and having a great time. After all, this was our last wedding for the season and we were leaving with a bang. As always, Drew and I tore up that dance floor.

We left the reception early at 9:45 to go back to the hotel and sit in the hot tub. Unfortunately for us the hot tub closed at 10 and we got there too late. So what did we do? Of course Drew ordered us pizza and we went back up to our hotel room, ate the whole thing and passed out in the amazing king size bed.

What a great way to end Wedding Season 2017. I just want to shout out all the couples who we celebrated over the past month; Sadie & Mike, Mallory & Ethan, Anna & Josh and Blair & Adam. It was truly amazing to witness and even be apart of all your weddings.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Nicole & Oliver

We can’t wait for each and every one of you to be apart of and attend our’s in just 9 short months. How am I going to compete with all these beautiful weddings? Impossible.

Next up; Drew and Nicole’s wedding. Let the craziness begin!

Cheers, Nicole.


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