About Me


I’m Nicole; Mid-west blogger, FRIENDS-fanatic, food enthusiast, HAWKEYE fan, lover of any and all animals and I have a passion for traveling. Anyone who knows me knows all those things too be true. They would also add that I have an inappropriate sense of humor and am too loud and sarcastic for my own good.

You’ll more than likely get to know me better through-out my blog posts, so stick around and enjoy the ride with me. I’m not an open book or a closed book, I like to think that if you hit me against the table hard enough I’ll break open. Meaning, if you keep pushing me too open up, I eventually will and then I’ll never shut up.

I grew up in a small town in South East Iowa. Better known as the “Sprint Car Capital of the World”. Any guesses? I’m now in the metro Des Moines area with my fiance, Drew and raising our one year old son, Oliver, two cats, Betty and Gracie, and Golden Retriever, Moose.

Now that you know a little bit about me, feel free to tell me about yourself. I now consider us great friends. I promise, I am the easiest person to get along with and relate too. Let’s go out to eat at Olive Garden and have a jumbo frozen strawberry margarita and chat.

Cheers, Nicole.