Knoxville, IA – The Corral

You’re so crafty!!

Moving In

I  often get inspired by Pinterest (especially when it comes to DIYs and DIY gifts) so it’s no surprise that I wanted to make Emily, one of my oldest friends, something as truly unique and beautiful as she is for her wedding. As an crafty girl herself, I knew she would truly appreciate it. I got the idea in the beginning of April but had to make sure to post this after her wedding on June 3rd so she wouldn’t read it and spoil her own surprise.

I started off with a vintage hat box that I found at a flea market. Originally, I had planned to put yard Yahtzee in it but then this idea struck me: why don’t I give her a box full of date necessities all based out of Indiana!? When I moved 9+ hours from home in Iowa, I was worried I’d lose my few…

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